From the CEO: How did I get here?

Entrepreneurship has always been part of me. It’s in my blood…literally. Wenzhou, which is where I was born, is known to be the entrepreneurship hub of China. My entire family works as entrepreneurs owning small to medium sized businesses.

Knowing all of that, I can’t say it was a surprise that I have always been obsessed with the idea of building and growing businesses. In college, I started a side project flipping electronics, then transitioned to purchasing from large wholesale accounts. I was hitting revenues over $20K a month…all from my little dorm room at Emory.

In transitioning from my college days to a full-time job, I realized that the corporate world wasn’t exactly what I wanted. In these first years, I spent time consulting for large internationally renowned companies but it felt...for lack of a better word...slow. Since then, I have found my own professional niche in technology startups, including time building and growing one of the fastest scaling businesses ever seen, Uber & Uber Eats.

However, I have never felt complete without owning my own venture. I drew back on my college days, my own family, and my own passions as inspiration. I have always loved minimalist, high quality fashion. However, most companies have focused on the core clothing pieces, e.g. jeans, shirts, and jackets, but I found a general lack of that within the accessories space.

While sitting around brainstorming with my former Uber colleague and close college friend, Mary Chau, we hatched the idea of Common Sights. Now I have something I can truly call mine and that’s special within itself. I can’t say how excited I am to bring our vision of timeless, minimalist essentials to everyone.



Leon Dong
Common Sights Co-Founder & CEO

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